Saturday, December 22, 2012

Leslie Gladney Bio

Mystery, beauty and brains are words that perhaps best describe Dr. Shock’s infamous horror hosting sidekick. They also happen to describe Leslie Gladney, a young and vibrant actress, who has joined the Shock Theatre family and has been cast in the role of the devilishly lovely Nurse Goodbody.

Gladney has an enchanting presence on camera and on stage, which brings an intriguing element of mystery to the Shock Theater cast. She’s bright, witty and creative, along with a versatile palette of acting skills. Leslie is a lifelong fan of all things horror which has led her to a career in acting.

While Leslie prefers the horror genre, her roles have not been limited to that alone; she has also appeared in numerous commercials, music videos and independent films.

In her spare time, she enjoys movies, costuming, participating in paranormal investigations, attending horror conventions and going to concerts.

While Leslie is truly a practitioner of the arts, she also holds a degree in Computer Science.

Brains and beauty, what more could Dr. Shock ask for!

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